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Your experienced strategic partner

We have a particular experience in the field of spectrum management, standardization and policy development.

Services mean commitment to reach objectives and flexibility to adapt to the evolving business and technology world, through setting close team with our customers.

Counts with professionals and researchers who bring many years’ experience on research in the networked media, satellite communications, specific challenges associated to SMEs and eHealth, as well as strategic and regulatory and policy initiatives.

The staff of HI has participated in research activities since 1988, covering projects at national, international and, particularly, European scope.

World and Society are not linear but we prefer reasonable and predictable linear processes. Ways out are many but we wish only the optimum one. The truth in the earth is never an absolute term but we permanently search for it. The future cannot be anticipated with certainty but we want to predict it accurately. There are many possibilities to take successful decisions, although we desperately look for the absolute right one Dr. Julián Seseña

President, Holistic Innovation

Our Company

Holistic Innovation is a Spanish SME, specialized on services associated to the innovation management for the research and technology development, while bearing a holistic and strategic vision for the businesses associated to the research, technology development and innovation in the fields of audiovisual, networked media, future internet, satellite communications, mobile communications, 5G and beyond 5G, Smart Cities, eHealth and maritime communications.

Our Vision: The Holistic Perspective

• The ways to approach to success.
• Find some of the right ways out.
• Being closer to the truth.
• Follow the optimum paths.
• Reasonably anticipate to the future.
These goals can be achieved efficiently when we approach to the business, the problem, the trade-off, the technology trend or user acceptance, through an Holistic Perspective, assuming that we need continuously improving, enhancing, modifying, changing, amending… through innovation and openness, supported by a professional and well orchestrated instituted process.